Effective learning conditions

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Teachers as mentors expected to create conditions that strategy can make students comfortable in participating in the learning process. In creating good conditions, teachers should pay attention to two things: first, the internal condition is a condition that is in the students themselves, such as health, safety, ketentramannya, and so on. Second, external conditions are the conditions that exist outside of the human person, for example cleaning the house, lighting and other physical circumstances. To be an effective learning environment required good physical and organized, such as study room should be clean, no smells that can disturb the concentration studied, the room is quite bright, not dark and not disturb the eye, the necessary means to learn enough or complete . Success in the learning process in the classroom does not only depend teachers, but involves many factors, such as student activity, availability of learning facilities, comfort and security of classrooms, and several other factors, despite the presence of the teacher is a decisive factor in creating the conditions for effective learning. In realizing effective learning conditions, it is necessary to do the following steps:

1. Actively involve students

Teaching is to guide students' learning activities so that he would learn. Thus the student activity is indispensable in learning activities. Student learning activities can be categorized into several things, among others:

a. Visual activities, such as reading, writing, etc. do experiments.
b. Oral activities, such as storytelling, frequently asked questions, etc..
c. Listening activities, such as listening to the teacher, listening to the teacher directing etc..
d. Motion activities, such as office-based practice.
e. Writing activities, such as writing, a letter, write a paper and so on.

Each type of activity has different levels or weight, depending on the terms of which goals will be achieved in the learning activities. Clearly, the activity of students in classroom learning activities should involve students more, or pay more attention to student activities. Here's how to improve student engagement:
  • Increase partisifasi students in learning activities by using a variety of teaching techniques.
  • Give the subject matter is clear and appropriate to the learning objectives.
  • Try to make learning more student interest. The teacher must know the interests of students and associate it with learning materials.
2. Student interest and attention

Conditions for effective learning is the interest and attention of students in learning. Interest is a relatively permanent nature in a person. Interest in this once great influence on learning, because the interest someone will do something that interested him. Otherwise no one's interest might not do anything. Student engagement in learning is closely related to nature, talent and intelligence of the students. Lessons can customize properties, talents and intelligence of the students are interested in learning.

3. Motivating students

Motif is a kind of power contained in a person who can encourage him to do something. 're Motivation is a process to intensify motives into actions or behavior to meet the needs and achieve the goals. Teacher's task is to raise the motivation of students, he wants to learn. Here are some ways how to raise students' motivation:
  • Teachers try to create competition among students to improve academic achievement;
  • At the beginning of learning activities, teachers should first convey to students about the objectives to be achieved in the learning, so that students are lured to take part in achieving that goal.
  • Teachers try to encourage students in learning to achieve learning objectives.
  • Teachers should give more opportunities for students to achieve success by his own efforts;
  • Teachers are always trying to attract student interest.
  • Frequently assigned tasks and deliver value as objectively as possible.
4. Students provide individual services

One of the main problems in the learning approach is a lack of understanding of teachers' individual differences among students. Teachers are often less aware that not all students in a class could absorb the lesson well. Indiviadual their ability to accept different subjects. This is where the actual need for the skills of teachers in providing learning variation that can be absorbed by all the students in various levels of ability, and here also the need for servicing individual students.

Give students individual service is not solely geared to students as individuals alone, but can also be addressed to a group of students in a particular class. Individualized learning systems or private lessons, is quite rampant lately done through private lessons and tutoring-lembagalembaga or through special education is to provide services that are individualized. In a complete learning system, the individual services is an activity that must be done. Each sub subject matter presented should be understood by all students, without exception. Therefore the completion of learning, the subject matter should not be passed prior to the material being taught can be absorbed by all students.

5. Setting up and using various media in learning.

Props / learning media are the tools that teachers use when teaching to help clarify the subject matter presented to students and prevent the occurrence of verbal on students. Therefore, many use traditional verbal learning would be boring. Instead of learning will be more interesting, if students feel happy and excited every receiving lessons from his teacher.

Effective learning must begin with direct experience or concrete experience which assisted with a number of props to observe in terms of the value and benefits of the props to help the success of the learning process in the classroom. In the media or setting up and using props, there are a few things to note, as follows:
  • Props used should be able to enlarge the students' attention to the subject matter diasjikan.
  • Props are selected should be appropriate to the maturity and experience of the students as well as individual differences within the group.
  • Tool chosen should be appropriate, adequate and easy to use.

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