Effective Learning

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A. Definition of Effective Learning

Effective are changes that impact, meaning and certain benefits (Shah, 1999:107). Effective learning is characterized by its emphasis on empowering students actively. Learning emphasizes on acquisition of knowledge about what they are doing, but more emphasis on the internalization, of what is done so embedded and serves as a conscience and biological payload and practiced in the life of a student (E. Mulyasa, 2003:149).

Effective learning will also train and inculcate democratic attitude for students. More than emphasize how effective the learning so that students are able to learn by way of their own learning. Through the creativity of teachers, classroom learning into a fun activity. Embodiment effective learning and providing life skills to students.

B. How to Learn Effectively

Effective way of learning that can help students improve the skills expected in accordance with the instructional objectives to be achieved. To increase the effective way of learning a few things to note:

1. Need for guidance

Learning outcomes are influenced by several factors, such as skill and dexterity in each individual study. However, there are some general guidelines about the ways in which effective learning, which gives guidance as they learn and supervising, guiding while learning. The result would be even better if the ways learning is practiced in each lesson given (Slameto, 1991:75-76).

2. Learning Methods

The method is a way or a way to go to achieve a particular goal, thus requiring appropriate methods of learning. Methods used will become a habit, and habits will affect the learning itself. Such as creating a schedule, take notes, repeating the lesson materials (Slameto, 1991:76-84).

C. Characteristics of Effective Learning

Said to be effective learning, if it can achieve the desired learning objectives in accordance with the indicators of achievement. Effective learning can be identified by characteristics:
  • Actively learn both mental and physical. Mentally active is shown by developing their intellectual abilities, the ability to think critically. And physically, for example, compose the essence of the lesson, make maps and others.
  • The methods vary, so easily attract the attention of students and classroom come alive.
  • Teacher motivation towards learning in the classroom. The higher the motivation of a teacher will encourage the students to actively learn.
  • Democratic atmosphere in the school, that is by creating an environment of mutual respect, to understand the needs of students, tolerance, provide an opportunity for students to learn independently, respect other people's opinions.
  • Lessons in schools needs to be connected to real life.
  • Conducive learning interactions, by providing the freedom to find their own, so that creates a sense of great responsibility at work and more confidence so that children do not rely on others.
  • Provision of remedial and diagnostics on learning difficulties that arise, look for the causes and provide remedial teaching as repairs, if needed

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