Factor Emotional Intelligence

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Goleman cites Salovey (2002:58-59) puts personal intelligences Gardner puts the basic definition of emotional intelligence and the initiation of the Traffic expands into five major skills, namely:

a. Recognizing Emotions Self

Recognizing emotions themselves is an ability to recognize feelings when those feelings happen. This ability is the basis of emotional intelligence, psychologists mention self-awareness as metamood, namely awareness of one's will his own emotions. According to Mayer (Goleman, 2002: 64) self-awareness is alert to the moods and thoughts of mood, when the individual becomes less vigilant soluble emotions flow and controlled by emotion. Self-awareness does not guarantee mastery of emotion, but it is one important prerequisite for controlling emotions so that people easily master the emotions.

b. Managing Emotions

Managing emotions is an individual's ability to deal with feelings that can be revealed by appropriate or in harmony, in order to reach a balance within the individual. Keeping the troubling emotions under control is the key to emotional well-being. Excessive emotion, of which increases with intensity for too long will tear us stability (Goleman, 2002: 77-78). This capability includes the ability to entertain yourself, let go of anxiety, moodiness or offense and the consequences thereof, and the ability to rise from the feelings that push.

c. Motivate Yourself

Presatasi must be passed with its motivation within the individual, which means having the guts to resist the gratification and impulse control, as well as having a positive sense of motivation, namely antusianisme, passion, optimism and self-confidence.

d. Recognizing Emotions of Others

The ability to recognize emotions in others is called empathy. According to Goleman (2002: 57) a person's ability to recognize others or care, demonstrate the ability of one's empathy. Individuals who have the ability to be able to capture more empathy social signals hidden anything that suggests it takes everyone else so he is able to accept the other person's perspective, sensitive to the feelings of others and be able to listen to others.

Rosenthal in his research shows that people who are able to read non-verbal cues and feeling more able to adjust themselves emotionally, more popular, easier beraul, and more sensitive (Goleman, 2002: 136). Nowicki, psychologists explain that children who are not able to read or express emotions well will continue to feel frustrated (Goleman, 2002: 172). Someone who is able to read the emotions of other people also have high self-awareness. Increasingly able to open his own emotions, able to recognize and acknowledge their own emotions, then that person has the ability to read other people's feelings.

e. Fostering Relationships

Ability to build relationships is a skill that supports the popularity, leadership and interpersonal success (Goleman, 2002: 59). Skills in communicating a basic ability in successful relationships. Individual hard to get what she wants and it is also hard to understand the desires and wishes of others.

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