Foundation For Dry Skin

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Foundation For Dry Skin
Foundation should make the skin appear smooth without blemishes, but every time you use a foundation that looks even skin-peeling skin.

This is due to your skin dry, and when stacked with the foundation, exfoliate the skin appear more clearly and skin look fresh. 

If the foundation wearers generally made ​​trouble because their skin looks very greasy when berfoundation, the owner even complicated with dry skin, exfoliate, exfoliate skin-intrusive. For that, you need a special way to wear foundation.

1. Clean face with cleansing milk, face wash with soap and refresh using toner. Give moisturizer on the face.

2. Use makeup primer before applying foundation. Makeup primer serves softens skin texture and soften the skin-peeling skin due to dry so it does not appear as close to the foundation.

3. Choose a special foundation for dry skin are oil-based (oil base) which helps to condition the skin. Can also use cream-based foundation.

4. Make-up spray finishing spray after bermake-up to keep the make-up does not fade and remain in his position. This spray also works to keep your skin chapped and peeling when bermake-up.

5. Liquid finishing spray can also be used to get rid of skin-peeling skin looks when it is wearing make-up. The trick, spray finishing spray onto a flat surface, take a foundation brush and brush with a glance on the skin tends to dry and flaking like.

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