Good Education

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Good Education
Education is a process to embed policy and the aspirations of the children to live better. This process begins shortly after birth, when parents tried to teach my baby to behave better suit the demands of their culture. In essence it is the business of education to become more perfect. This effort either intentionally or unintentionally, either from others or yourself worthy to be considered as education. With so basically divided into two, namely education formal education (schools) that represents the entire education more systematic and deliberate and formal education is not all activities to further refine the self.

School, or formal education, consisting of experience intentionally planned and used to help young people learn what is considered important by adults for their school or formal education also teaches businesses how they should respond to the choices that arise in the normal life them. There are two different major streams of looking at education that conservatism and liberalism. Conservative groups, or essentialists, tend to identify with the desired education as a transmission of cultural heritage curriculum. While the Liberals, or progressives, are more likely to be interested in the development of the whole child, education is not just to train the mind child or children prepare for adult life in the future, including preparing to become rich.

In the education of the Past

There is a general tendency bebebrapa will be seen when we examine what the essence of education at the time of the lamp or in prehistoric times, how it happened and what-are the values ​​that must be known to the child and to be taught by educators. In general, previous nations from the fact that to be able to play and active in tribal life, then someone takes practice, such as hunting practice, embroider, archery and fighting. Things like this is an education even in the simplest sense.

Additionally, in the sense of a systematic study of course will not be found in the prehistoric past, the youth who is generally a person who received education from the older people get how distinct experiences behave like an adult, what are the values ​​that should he knows when to get along with the wider world is the object of education in particular, is not a child as they are now or who has been known since the Middle Ages.

It seems a good education educational value, will look forward to the Romans and Greeks. Not long after the advent of the era of history, the Romans and Greeks have started to teach writing and reading. Further improvement of education continues to rise until the kids students not only learn to read and write, but also has studied law, literature and so on, despite the historical fact found that memorization is the method commonly used than others.

Other general trend began to appear in historical times was to mememulai in the sense that formal education for young children 6-7 years of age until he reached a level of maturity at the age of 17 years. Nonetheless there are certainly specific motifs in every nation on how education is progressing. In the example of the Jews, for their education to prepare people to cope with life in the grave, while in Sparta, more education to prepare children to become powerful army, while in Roman education are more likely to sense education by studying law and literature, for them, he considers a person is of a level of expertise in speech.

Another trend that will be seen is the transmission of cultural education of a nation or region to other nations and regions. Contact between two or more cultures will provide an opportunity in which the values ​​of a nation's education adopted by other nations.

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