Healthy and Unhealthy Personality

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Healthy personality

Based on psychology, Gordon Allport claimed that personality as an organization (the various aspects of psychological and physical) which is a structure and process at the same time. Thus, personality is something that can be changed. Allport explicitly mentioned, personality regularly growing and changing. Each individual has their own personality traits, ranging from showing a healthy personality or even unhealthy. In this case, Elizabeth suggests personality traits of healthy and unhealthy, as follows:
  • Able to assess yourself realisitik; able to assess ourselves what it is about the advantages and disadvantages, physical, knowledge, skills and so on.
  • Able to assess the situation realistically; may encounter situations or conditions they experienced life realistically and naturally receptive, do not expect the conditions of life as perfect.
  • Able to assess the achievements of the realistic and can assess the success obtained and meraksinya rationally, do not be arrogant, haughty or having superiority complex, if obtaining high achievement or success in life. If they fail, he does not mereaksinya with frustration, but with an optimistic attitude.
  • Accept responsibility; she has confidence in her ability to cope with life's problems that it faces.
  • Independence; has independent properties in ways of thinking and acting, able to make decisions, to direct and develop themselves and adapt to the norms prevailing in the environment.
  • Can control the emotions; feel comfortable with his emotions, could face a frustrating situation, depression, or stress in a positive or constructive, not destructive (destructive)
  • Goal-oriented; able to formulate goals in each activity and life based on careful consideration of the (rational), not on the basis of coercion from outside, and try to reach your goals by developing personality (knowledge), knowledge and skills.
  • Outward (extrovert), is respect, empathy toward others, are concerned about the situation or the problems of the environment and be flexible in thinking, appreciate and judge others like him, feel comfortable and open to other people, not to allow himself to be used for become victims of other people and to sacrifice other people, because of his disappointment.
  • Social acceptance; want berpartsipasi active in social activities and have a friendly attitude in dealing with others.
  • Have a philosophy of life; directing their lives by a philosophy of life rooted in the belief that religion.
  • Happy happiness tinged his life situation, which is supported by factors achievement (achievement), acceptance (acceptance), and affection (affection).

Unhealthy personality

1. Irritability (offended)
2. Show concern and anxiety
3. Often feel stressed (stress or depression)
4. Pleased to be cruel or disturbing others younger or to animals
5. Inability to avoid deviant behavior despite being warned or punished
6. Lying
7. Hyperactivity
8. Hostile to all forms of authority
9. Glad criticizing / mocking others
10. Wakeful
11. Lacking a sense of responsibility
12. Often experience headaches (though the cause is not a factor that is organic)
13. Lack of awareness to obey religious teachings
14. Pessimistic in the face of life

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