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Identity BloggerA. Blogger and historical understanding Blogger

Blogger is one of the first companies to introduce the blog. Blogger was originally owned by Pyra Labs who then switched ownership by Google Company. Official Blogger is owned by Google in 2002. Blogger since the transfer of ownership of the company are handled by Google, Blogger changed 100% in a display as well as the applications contained therein. Bloggers existence can not be separated from the world of blogs and blogging, because we already know from the description above that the first to introduce the world of blogs are Blogger.

B. Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogger

Blogger also known as Blogspot domain which is created by Google. In addition to introducing the world's first blog, blogger definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages Blogger namely:
Excess Blogger

1. The process is easy and practical list
2. If you have a Gmail account, then you are automatically enrolled in
3. Supports javascript and flash (such as widgets and adsense)
4. Can be used in Indonesian
5. CSS and HTML files can be edited and modified as you like
6. Could have a lot of blogs with one account.
7. Admin navigation is simple and easy.
8. Can be used to scoop sustenance (support with program affilasi).
9. Can mutually template (theme) as they pleased from the downloaded template.
10. Upload images on automatically go straight into your picasa account.
11. Can make a page (the page)
12. Can post via E-mail and MMS in Hp
13. Can upload pictures and videos
14. Can create community
15. There is a list of blogs that follow

Disadvantages blogger

1. Very simple dash display
2. Default template is very little
3. There is no default reply button on the comments (so should edit CSS or HTML)
4. No tags (keywords) (So that should add it in HTML or CSS)
5. Opened in Hp sometimes difficult

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