Identity Browser

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Identity Browser
A. Understanding Browser

Browser derived from the English language meaning explorer or browser. Browser means a software that serves display and interact with information and data files from the server. It can be concluded that the browser is the software using software that is connected through the Internet connection. The browser can also be defined as a program or application used to browse the internet in order to find a variety of information from the web or blog.

B. Browser History

In the context of the history of the browser appeared on December 25, 1990. Browser created by TIm Skellig-Lee who came dar English. Some Internet browser developed in 1992, among which are libwww, line-mode, ViolaWWW, Midas and Samba.

C. Function Browser

Browser serves as a bridge between the Internet with other Internet users. without a browser, then we will not be able to access the data we are looking for information.

D. Browser Types

Browser is very diverse. However, not all browsers are known and desirable people. As for some browsers known and attracted many people in search of information is:

   1. Firefox

Firefox has now become the number one browser that many people use. This is due to the advantages of the firefox browser as compared to other browsers. The benefits of firefox as the browser is:

- Pop-up Blocker
- (Extension) to add extra functionality
- Customization letters (font) and color
- Compatibility with a wide range of technologies (Assistive Technologies)
- Shortcuts (Shortcut)

2. Internet Explorer (IE)

. Internet Explorer is the browser first appeared. Although the browser is less attractive to people today, it is still Internet Explorer browser should be considered. features provided:

- Accelerator
- Search suggestions
- Visual suggestions
- Better Find On Page
- Increased performance
- Smarter Address Bar

3. Opera

Opera has its own advantages when compared to other browsers, including Firefox's browser. opera browser also provides a browser for mobile devices, also called operamini and operamobile. The opera several advantages:

- Explore more quickly
- Navigate more easily
- Features a sophisticated
- Customization
- Security
- Support the development of

4. Chrome

- Minimal design with sophisticated technology
- One box for everything (alternative search in the address box)
- Box address also serves as a search engine
- Thumbnails of your top sites
- Crash Control, Incognito Mode, Safe Browsing
- Instant Bookmarks, Importing Settings, Simpler Downloads

5. Safari

Safari browser is a browser made by Apple inc. initially only used for the mac operating system OS. As for the features of Safari 5 is:

- Supports HTML5 + CSS3 + 30% faster Speed
- Nitro Engine (Managing Web Application much faster)
- Cover Flow (Display bookmarks and history is more convenient)
- Smart Address Field, Smart Search Field

E. Identify Browser

The browser comes with a variety of buttons that can assist and facilitate users. forward and back buttons usually found on the top left of the screen. if you click on the button, then you will be brought before page web. while the reload or refresh button serves to reload the web page. While on the Home button function to bring you to a site that you selected earlier. while the favorites or bookmarks button lets you save the website address for easy access at other times.

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