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Identity DataBaseA. Understanding Database

Database is a collection of information stored in the computer systematically. The database can also be interpreted as a representation of a collection of interconnected facts stored together, to meet a variety of needs. In addition it is also a form collection databases of related information on a particular subject for a particular purpose anyway.

In another sense Database is a complete array of operational data records of an organization or company, which is organized and stored in an integrated way by using certain methods so as to meet the optimal information needed olehpara users.

B. Historical Occurrences Database

The term word "database" originated from computer science. Database widespread sense then, the database is also included in the portion outside the field of electronics and computer database form of the article. Note that similar to the actual database already existed before the industrial revolution in the form of a large book, and the collection of data related to the business.

C. Basic Concepts Database

Basic concept of a database is a collection of records, or pieces of knowledge. A database has a structured description of the types of facts stored in it and an explanation is called schema. Many ways to organize the scheme, or to model the structure of the database, known as the database model or data model.

Commonly used model of the current database is the relational model, which according to the terms represent all the information in the form of related tables, with each table consists of rows and columns (using the terminology of mathematics). In this model, the relationship between tables is represented by using the same values ​​between tables.

D. The device used for Creating Database

Databases can be created and processed using a computer program, which is commonly referred to as software (the software). Software is used to manage and call the query (query) database called Database Management System (DBMS) is a Database Management System.

Data Base Management System is comprised of two components, namely Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and Overview of Database Management System (ODBMS). Includes RDBMS Interface Drivers, SQL Engine, Transaction Engine, Relational Engine, and Storage Engine. Drivers ODBMS while covering Language, Query Engine, Transaction Engine, and Storage Engine.

E. Type Database

There are 12 types of databases, such as Operational database, Analyticaldatabase, data warehouses, Distributed databases, End-user database, External data base, Hypermedia databases on the web, Navigational databases, In-Memory Data bases, Document-oriented databases, Real- time databases, and RelationalDatabase.

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