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Identity PHPA. Understanding PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language that can be implanted or inserted into the HTML. PHP is widely used to program dynamic websites. PHP can be used to build a CMS. Also PHP is also significant as a scripting language most widely used today. PHP is widely used to program dynamic web sites, although it is possible to use for another use.

B. History of PHP

Initially PHP stands for Personal Home Page (a personal website). PHP first time created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. When it was still called PHP Form Interpreted (FI), which is realized in the form of a series of scripts that are used to process data from a web form.

Rasmus then released the source code to the public and named PHP or FI. With the release of the source code being open source, so many programmers who are interested in developing PHP. In November 1997, has diliris PHP / FI 2.0, In this release, the PHP interpreter has been implemented in a C program In this release also included extension modules that enhance the ability of PHP / FI significantly.

later in 1997, a company called Zend PHP interpreter rewrite a cleaner, better, and faster. Then in June 1998, the company released a new interpreter for PHP and inaugurate the release of the PHP 3.0 and PHP acronym was changed to recurring acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessing. Subsequently in mid-1999, Zend released a new PHP interpreter and release is known as PHP 4.0. PHP 4.0 is a PHP version of the most widely used in the early 21st century. This version is widely used due to its ability to build complex web applications while maintaining a high speed and stability.

And finally in June of 2004, Zend PHP 5.0 release. In this version, the core of the PHP interpreter underwent major changes. This version also includes an object-oriented programming model to respond to the PHP programming language development in the direction of the object-oriented paradigm. (History of PHP is referenced from

C. Advantages of PHP from other programming languages
  • Programming language PHP is a scripting language that does not do a compilation in its use.
  • Web server that supports PHP can be found where - where from start apache, IIS, Lighttpd, until Xitami with a relatively simple configuration.
  • In the development easier, because of the many mailing lists and developers who are ready to assist in the development.
  • In understand side, PHP is a scripting language most easily because it has a lot of references.
  • PHP is an open source language that can be used in a variety of machines (Linux, Unix, Macintosh, Windows) and can be run through the console and the runtime can also

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