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kindergarten is abbreviated early childhood education (ie, age 6 years or younger) in the form of formal education. Kindergarten curriculum focused on providing educational stimulation to assist the growth and development of the child physically and mentally in order to have the readiness to enter further education. The duration of a student studying in kindergarten usually depends on the level of intelligence that assessed per semester report card. In general, to graduate from the program at the kindergarten level for 2 (two) years, namely:

1. kindergarten 0 (zero) Small (small kindergarten ) for 1 (one) year
2. kindergarten 0 (zero) Large (large kindergarten ) for 1 (one) year

The average lifespan of at least a child can learn at an early kindergarten age range 4-5 years, while the average for graduating from kindergarten ranged from 6-7 years. After graduating from kindergarten, or school education and special education schools are equal, students then move on to higher education on it, the elementary school or the equivalent. In Indonesia, one is not obliged to study in kindergarten.

Learning Kindergarten

In kindergarten, students are given the opportunity to learn and be given appropriate learning curriculum with age at each level. Students are taught about the following particulars:

1. religion
2. Gentility
3. numeracy
4. read
5. singing
6. Socialize in a family environment and playmates
7. A wide range of other skills

kindergarten goal is to improve children's creativity and raced away to learn about science through a variety of approaches gentility values​​, religion, social, emotional, physical, motor, cognitive, language, art, and self-reliance. All designed as an effort to develop the intellect and the role of children in her life. learning activities is packaged in a model of learning while playing.

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