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The quality of education can not be separated with the quality of education personnel, especially teachers. The results LPTK in Indonesia as reported in the National Conference LPTK in London (1994) showed that for nearly two decades, the "select" entered Teachers' Training College / LPTK instead of the bottom but the top ten groups of ten high school graduates, with a very significant difference in scores between applicants. Teachers' Training College and university applicants / LPTK. That means that the education given to the nation's children having no quality educators too can be proud of.

Can we determined to recruit the nation's best children to become educators and teachers? Then it must be some policies that increase the prestige and social status of teachers / educators. Teacher welfare and other social guarantees should be increased, so that the younger generation of the top ten are also interested to be a teacher / educator. Except that there must be a clear policy on teacher education. Policies about Teachers' Training College / university LPTK then be shown that we do not have a clear direction. After all of the teachers and educators are required: teaching material mastery, and mastery of pedagogy, didactics and methodology of education / teaching. The process of learning in teacher education institutions should strive draw both of these things.

Given the task of educators / teachers not only sharpen the brain, but particularly developing personality, then they are expected to have a steady and attractive personality. For it is proposed that teacher education be implemented in the dorm. Coaching in the dorm together under the guidance of a competent educator, is expected to generate power more potent personality. History of teacher education in the past it has proved this. Finally education revolution can only be implemented if the education released. The organizers and managers of education should be freed from the clutches of excessive etatisme. Now the world of education is determined almost entirely by the State (= Etat, France) with a bureaucratic apparatus. Should not be forgotten that the right to educate in the first place there are the parents who gave birth to the child and then the community. This right is too less attention.

It is up to the state and its officials. Policy determination by the State pay more attention to political aspects-aspects of administrative rather than pedagogical, psychological and methodological. Organizers and managers of education generally collected in Foundations of Education should be free for initiative and seek education that best meets the demands of the times. State policies and general guidelines scraping, which is the guarantor signs the rights of citizens in relation to education. Beyond that everything is left to the discretion of the organizers and managers. They will draw up a plan and strategy to present the best education and the most relevant. There are quite a lot of organizing and managing the quality and responsible.

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