Maintain efforts and Conditions Effective Learning Atmosphere

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In his role as manager of the class, the teacher should also be able to manage the class well, because the class is the most important learning environment and the school environment is an aspect that needs to be organized well. Classroom environment should be regulated and supervised in such a way that learning is more focused and can stimulate the students to study hard and actively participating in the lesson.

Classroom management strategy is the pattern / strategy, which describes the steps used by teachers in creating and maintaining classroom order conditions remain conducive, so that students can learn optimal, active, and fun with effectively and efficiently to achieve the learning objectives. To prevent the success of behavior-the behavior of students who disrupt the learning activities, the teacher tried to leverage the potential of the class, focusing attention to the students, understand their individual and provide certain services which is a form of support from the school community.

Efforts undertaken is an effort to create as well as maintain the condition and conducive learning atmosphere, optimal and fun learning process in order to work effectively so that learning objectives can be achieved with maximum performance.

1. Responsibility Educators

In maintaining the condition and effective learning environment the teacher as a mentor has a big responsibility to carry it out. As for a teacher to do is:
  • Teacher as a teaching designers are required to have the ability to plan effective learning activities, which means it must have the knowledge and professional skills and readiness in the learning process.

  • Manajemen of teachers as teaching, are required to have the ability to manage the entire learning process by creating a favorable learning environment for students so that students really learn effectively.
  • Teachers as evaluators of learning, are required to attend continuing educational achievement has been achieved by the students from time to time. This information is feedback to the learning process so as to obtain optimal results.
  • Teachers as mentors, are required to hold an instructional approach that is personal in any learning process takes place. Personal approach intended to get to know and understand in depth the students so as to assist in the surrounding teaching and learning.
  • Teachers should be mentors and trainers who maintain strict personal and direct the development and mental keseimbanggan his students. Teachers also became parents in the study and build a value system needed in today's society.

2. Structuring Learning environment

In keeping with the conditions and atmosphere of the need for structuring effective learning environment. Activities of teachers in managing the learning environment is more concentrated on the management of the learning environment in the classroom. Therefore, teachers in organizing classroom learning environments no other activity or management class management class (classroom management). According to Milan Rianto, classroom management is an attempt educators to create and control the learning condition and restore it in case of disturbances and / or irregularities, so that the learning process can take place optimally. Learning environment in the classroom as an artificial situation related to the learning process or the context of the learning experience, which can be classified with regard to: the environment (state of) physical, and social environments.

3. Educators teaching method

In order to maintain the condition and effective learning environment that teachers should be able to choose the right way in the implementation of learning. Because teaching is complex and involves a variety of learners, then an educator must be able and master a variety of strategies and perspectives and can apply it pleksibel.

In this case the teacher must have the knowledge and professional expertise in the implementation of learning. In this case the teacher should be able to master the subject matter, teaching strategies, classroom management qualified, motivational skills, communication skills and able to work effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Can be concluded that under the conditions and maintain an effective learning environment then it must be realized that a teacher is responsible for implementing the learning, the arrangement of a good learning environment, and how a teacher or teaching strategies that professional.

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