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Dreams will direct us where to go, how to act and behave. With dreams we will know where the end point of the struggle. And soon after reaching that dream, we can replace it with another dream unfulfilled.

Companions, in dreams, we need a strategy and a map. So that when walking and met with obstacles, we can choose to jump or go around and take another path. Without changing the dream, just change the direction of the street only.

Imagine you are in the middle of the ocean on a speedboat. Fifty yards in front of you is an island, and in The islands are all that you desire and aspire. All your dreams. And the only way to get it all is up to the island. The island is on the back horizon. But the horizon is where ...?

The problem is you do not have a compass, map, radio, telephone, and you do not know which way to the island. Wrong direction will make you strayed far away from the island of dreams, while all around you that looks just sea and sky. In two hours, you could have reached the island of dreams. But if you have the wrong direction - you can run out of fuel before it can reach the island of dreams.

Life without a clear purpose, without knowing and understanding usefulness of your life - is the same as the dream island dilemma. All your dreams can actually be achieved, but to achieve you have to know the map of dreams. Ie what, where, and how to achieve it. You absolutely know the way to achieve it. Determine your map now - to be able to achieve your dreams. Create as precisely and accurately as possible - and then you just redirect your speedboat to the island of dreams ... In the future, you grab it, embrace it, and smiled with pride, "This is my dream, and I've got it."

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