Makeup For Black Skin

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Makeup For Black Skin
Tanning is so popular in the Western world to get dark exotic skin. But, who the hell needs tanning again in Indonesia? Our skin is beautiful and exotic. What we need is a smart mix and match clothing, and applying makeup to enhance appearance.

The first thing that must be known if you have darker skin shades, priority has basic makeup colors. The base color will be a mainstay for emphasizing or correcting other colors.

Second, adjust the color of foundation / foundation with the skin. Avoid choosing bright colors because it will look very different from your original skin color. And, even better if you have a two-layer foundation color, as well as to the basis for the correction.

Third, when choosing a blush, choose colors like coral, rose, deep orange. Perfected with peach or tan colored shadow.

Fourth, choose eye shadow better choose natural colors, such as brown or brick red. Better avoid bright colors or white so it does not look much different from the color of the skin. For the eyelids, upper pulaskan with light brown eyes. Being in the folds of the eyelid, use dark brown and blend out, it will make your eyes look deep and maximize eye. If you want to use one color for the eyelids, eye shadow choose dark blue or dark purple, or a color close to the lashes. You may also give a touch of eyelids with dark blue or dark gray, framing on the upper and lower eyelids.

Fifth, to select color lipstick copper, bronze, dark red, purple and burgundy. You can also use one color or combine two colors corresponding to the color of your skin. At night, choose the preferred dark lipstick, and it would be nice if adapted to blend eyeshadow, nail polish and color of clothes. While during the day, you can wring a lighter color and use lip gloss to the lips more leverage.

Still feel less confident with your skin color? Try the above tips and get back a sense of confidence in yourself.

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