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Business should have the right to set ourselves in accordance with, the planned how should the business initiating. We set the right scale business, which we will in.don quite simple and in accordance with capital provided that. Started in the business plan that we should all things, such as a location for business, labor, quality products / services that we produce, how to market and so on.

Courage plunge business.

Obstacles are first in business if pioneering pioneering materialized business but not in do not - do not alone. Pioneering if not too long manifest in courage to plunge business then have upgraded. To support the pioneering business shall immediately started, do not delay. Although it was just the first stone placement. If we want to initiating chicken farm business but not too soon realized, the forced on ourselves to make some chicken coop tail and some chicken. This is encouraging more business development scale.

Marketing main priority

Business should have been realized immediately try to mem-how to create a marketing plan products / services resulting or merchantability. Lni scale main priority needs to be. Cause marketing fail if then such business gagallah pioneer. This is all needed to be more of concentration.

Other support for marketing

If marketing start visible results, watch the other things especially that may support marketing. Thus will be expected with growing marketing and steady. Establishes and means to develop marketing support to all parties.

Turning point

Do not forget we have to make a calculation of production / sales, where to achieve its break-even point. This is important because before reaching break-even point, always in no event will the company loss. Break-even point is the cause of level sales / production company where no profit and no loss.

Turning point reached immediately

Planning to do in order to marketing spur, so the achievements of break-even point can be realized immediately. To know more long break-even point reached, the swell so any company will not be last again. Other words before reaching the break-even point, the company is not safe.

Acceleration marketing push

To be able to do with marketing spur ways, such as with increase in sales liveliness, hold sales promotion and other activities to introduce products/services. Break-even point can be accomplished if, then circumstances for any more calm happen again. Break-even point is the cause of production or sales company where no profit and no loss. To spur marketing priority to scale and concentration. .

Marketing at the safe

Should spur we do not stop in marketing, even break-even point has been reached. Usually the cause if fewer sales down, back injury occurred. Besides, please note although not contain any longer have yet to process any accumulate time there. Paculah therefore that continues to level marketing safe enough. Understanding the meaning of safe here if less then decrease sales business unit will remain through the break-even point.

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