Stress due to acne! Never fear, here the cure

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There are many factors that cause acne. While still a teenager, hormones may be accused and blamed for the appearance of acne. However, in adulthood, whether the hormone is still holding recognize? Occasionally may be so, especially when your period is coming. But, not always acne that appears only when menstruation alone.

Actually a lot more stress to trigger the appearance of acne, especially at the age of 25-40 years. You need to know that in the early 30s, the skin problems that commonly arise in adolescence. Whether it's acne, blackheads, oily skin, and wrinkles plus threatening and makes you not trust yourself anymore.

Should food diet?

Dr. Meera James, a dermatologist said that, there's nothing you need to do and change about your food intake. Adult acne arises because of mind and stress in the body.

"So, nothing to do with you or should not eat chocolate. Chocolate does not cause acne on the face or anywhere in the body," he said as quoted by IndiaTimes.

Most skin problems such as acne comes from stress. Well, for that, can not be treated simply by using external treatments such as acne medications, masks, facial foam, or anti-acne lotion, and so forth.

"That sucks, adult acne is much more sensitive than acne in general. He will soon be infected if you often squeeze and touch it with dirty hands. Consequently, acne scars also became the second issue after the acne dry," he said again.
  1. The characteristics of stress-induced acne:
  2. Appeared in when you are not menstruating
  3. Flushed and growing faster in number
  4. There is an itch in it, and difficult to cure acne medications only to have
  5. It comes in a very short time, such as after you stayed up late or lack of sleep, or is having trouble
How to deal with acne is caused by stress? Here are suggestions from Dr. Meera to cope with recalcitrant acne due to stress
  • Use anti acne facial foam that does not have a high content of soap, so it does not make the skin dry and sensitive. Precisely when conditions are too dry skin, acne will be easier to spread and evolve.
  • Choose cosmetic or facial foam with materials that salicylic acid acne fast drying and acne-causing bacteria do not multiply.
  • Choose peels that contain alpha-hydroxy acid to help heal acne scars effectively.
  • Avoid soaps that contain acne scrub because it will make acne worse.
  • Stop using birth control pills and talk to your doctor if side effects appear disturbing.
  • Replace your cosmetic products with anti-acne cosmetic products.
  • Enough sleep and avoid staying up late or sleep too late at night.
  • Consumption of fruits, vegetables and mineral water are sufficient for the body.
  • Workout every day, such as walking, jogging, yoga, or other exercise that helps relieve your stress.

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