The Causes of Social Change

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Process of societal change is basically a change in the pattern of behavior throughout the life of the social norms that new balanced, and sustainable berkemajuan. Polo-long pattern of community life that are considered outdated and no longer relevant will be replaced with new life patterns that do not fit the needs of present and future. [1] But others argue that the change is also happening in a society can be caused by a disruption of the balance or the lack of synchronization, the disruption of this balance will result in tensions in the human body, but it is also the dissatisfaction of a society on the condition of the existing culture.

On the other hand is dominant in the change itself, should not be denied due to a recent discovery (invention), population growth and the growing culture (culture). [2] The aspirations of an individual or group to implement social change is influenced by innovation and adaptation of any emerging technology, or appear amongst the people, good technology coming from inside (internal) or outside (ekstren) country. This phenomenon illustrates the importance of innovation for progress and change in a society, which in turn can be used as part of a civilization.

In this regard OPDarma and OPBhatnagar recorded at least four factors that stimulate changes in humans are:
  • Humans constantly strive to modify the natural resources in the form of solving an issue.
  • Efforts are made to meet human needs, complement and enhance to create sustainable change in the human environment.
  • Competitive process to compare the ability of a person to others is determined by the driving force of innovation to overcome.
  • In a very sad thing that disorganization is a custom in the community is usually very little work in the new environment as a stimulus for change. [3]
Based on the review of the figures, it is a change that requires a comprehensive stimulus to motivate the target object changes. Last but not least the extent to which it can rangsangat impact, either positive or negative, it is understandable that the stimulus automatically be rapidly accepted benefit to the recipient if the change itself.
  • Many factors led to the changes in society are:
  • As a result of advances in science and technology
  • Improved communication and transformation
  • Urbanization experienced by the people
  • Increasing expectations and demands of society. [4]

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