The determinants of personality

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Descendants refers to an individual's genetics. Physical height, face shape, gender, temperament, muscle composition and reflexes, energy level and biological rhythms are characteristics that are generally considered, either wholly or substantially, influenced by who the parents of the individual, ie the composition of biological, psychological, and psychological default of the individual.

There are three different basic research that gives some credibility to the argument that heredity plays an important role in determining one's personality. The first focuses on the basic genetic proponent of behavior and temperament of the children. The second focuses on the basis of twin boys separated at birth. The third base job satisfaction examine consistency over time and in different situations.

Research on children provide strong support to the influence of heredity. Evidence suggests that traits such as shyness, fear, and aggression can be attributed to innate genetic characteristics. This finding suggests that some personality traits may have resulted from the influence in the same genetic code factors such as height and hair color.

Researchers have studied more than 100 pairs of identical twins separated at birth and reared apart. Turns researchers find common traits for almost any behavior, this indicates that a significant portion of variation among twin children have been linked to genetic factors. This study also suggests that a nurturing environment is not so affect the development of personality or in other words, the personality of the identical twins who grew up in different families is more similar to the twin pair compared with the personality of an identical twin siblings who grew up together .

Environmental factors

Another factor that gives considerable influence on the formation of character is the environment in which a person grew and grew; norm in family, friends, and social groups, and other influences that a man can experience. These environmental factors have a role in shaping one's personality. For example, the culture forming norms, attitudes, and values ​​are passed on from one generation to the next generation and produce consistency over time so intensely ideology rooted in a culture may have little influence on other cultures. For example, the North American people have the spirit of perseverance, success, competition, freedom, and the Protestant work ethic that kept embedded in them through books, school systems, families, and friends, so people tend to be ambitious and aggressive when compared to individuals who grew up in a culture that emphasizes individual living with others, cooperation, and to prioritize family over work and career.

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