The Learning Process

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The learning process is a process containing a series of implementation by teachers and students on the basis of reciprocal relationships that take place in the educational situation to achieve a particular goal. Interaction or reciprocal relationship between teachers and students is a key condition for the continuity of the learning process. On the fact that we see in the schools, teachers often too active in the learning process, while students made ​​passive, so that the interaction between teachers and students in the learning process is not effective. If the learning process is dominated by the teacher, the learning effectiveness will not be achieved. To create the conditions for effective learning, teachers are required to be able to manage the learning process that provides stimulation to the students that he be willing and able to learn.

Teachers have a very important role in determining the quality of learning is done in the classroom or in the practice room and / laboratory. In connection with this assignment, the teacher should always think about how the efforts made to improve the quality of learning, such as by making learning plan carefully and prepare a number of appropriate learning tools.

This effort would require changes in the organization of classes, the use of teaching methods, learning strategies, attitudes and character of teachers in managing the learning process by acting as a facilitator that seeks to create the conditions for effective learning by increasing students' ability to listen to the lesson involves students actively , trying to attract the interest and attention of students towards learning, motivating learning, individual services (private lessons) and the use of media in teaching.

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