Understanding Effective Learning

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Learning is a change in personality as a new pattern in the form of skills habits attitude, or an understanding. [1] Learning is essentially an effort, a process of change that occurs in individuals as a result of experience or from the experience of interaction with the environment. [ 2] Studying in another sense, namely an attempt to master something new. This concept consists of two things: first; effort to master, It is significant in learning to master something, second; something new in terms of the results obtained from the learning activities. [3]

Effective are changes that impact, meaning and certain benefits. Effective learning is characterized by its emphasis on empowering students actively. Learning emphasizes on acquisition of knowledge about what they are doing, but more emphasis on the internalization, of what is done so embedded and serves as a conscience and biological payload and practiced in the lives of the students. [4] It is concluded that effective learning is a process of change in a person's the behavior of the learning outcomes that she got from her experiences and from the environment that impact, meaning and certain benefits.

In essence, effective learning is the learning process that is not only focused on student outcomes, but how effective learning process is able to provide a good understanding, intelligence, perseverance, opportunity and quality, and can provide a change of behavior and apply it in their lives. [5]

Effective learning will also train and inculcate democratic attitude for students. Effective learning can also create a fun learning atmosphere that gives creative students to be able to learn with their existing potential by providing the freedom to implement their own learning by teaching. On the cover and realize the goal of effective learning there should be a way to achieve the desired learning process is by way of effective learning. To increase the effective way of learning the need for guidance from the teacher. [6]

Learning will be effective if the experience, materials, and results are expected according denagn maturity level learners and their backgrounds. The learning process will work well if the students can watch the results fositif for himself and obtain advances if he mastered and completed the study. [7]

Teachers are expected and should be able to create effective learning, fun, and created an atmosphere conducive learning climate, there was an interaction Study abroad teaching and good, so the success of learning and achievement can be achieved by either appropriate learning objectives. [8]

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