Winning the Competition on the Internet

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Winning the Competition on the Internet
Internet increasingly powerful. Print media and more people are being abandoned by them. Done through a variety of activities such as hanging out on the internet social networking, reading the news from the news portal website, business or trade and shopping. Found to have an internet presence is increasing effect of the high frequency of competition between people globally on a variety of things such as the seizure of a girl or a guy in social networking, competition among providers news portal website, business or trade fight corporate and online merchants etc..

Because of the interaction on the Internet is not "face to face", which took a lot of competition unsporting, unfair and unkind. Often found many of the attacks of negative words in social networking to someone who uses social networking. Many sissies who only dare to talk on the internet but did not dare to deal directly invited to resolve the problem. There are also online businesses or merchants who use sneaky ways to bring down rival one way to make the articles that slandered his rival so many people are not interested in the rival that of course they do it incognito ternampakkan name so as not to imply that they culprit.

Competing ways unhealthy it would potentially interfere with the victim could even create stress which of course hurt. Increasingly sinner culprit when the victims then depression and committed suicide. There are as you know it. To be sure, the perpetrators liable tuh afterlife. More trouble again for the perpetrators if there is evil from among the jinn who disguised as the victim of her spirit constantly terrorize actors like in a horror movie.

The essence of this article is to give the edges a positive tips to win any competition on the internet. The main core of the attitude that we need to carry out an attack at a time when there is a negative to us on the internet is to stay calm never mind.

When experiencing an attack of negative words in social networks from anywhere, do not reply at all or just reply with a sweet smile. When you have answered with a sweet smile but the actor still attacked, countered again with a smile. Keep it that way. In the end, the perpetrators will be disgusted with himself, saturated and stop attacking. No need to be condemned, the offender is guilty and there must be consequences from God because of sin it is because there are natural laws of cause and effect. So, do not be taken dizzy.

When you get a negative attacks from rivals crafty business, while remaining calm, still there are some steps antidote we need to do in order to attack was not severe adverse effect to the business or trade activities are carried out online. First, learn the articles that attacked them. Second, if it's in these articles is slanderous, do clarifications on our website that what is presented in the articles attacker is sheer slander that have no concrete evidence. Keep doing it if it continues scheming rivals launch attacks next. When very severe, report it to the police because of the slanderous attacks perpetrators clearly violated the law. Indeed there are many who think it's useless to go to the police because he ultimately does not mean the police caught the culprit because most do not seriously deal.

It is undeniable that opinion is true, but we understand, only mah police performance which has high risk but still paid work mediocre. If we have money, you just bonus money solution of encouragement to the police to move the case. Bukansuap. Calculated as a special bonus for fighting police optimal law enforcement. Hehe. Guaranteed edges attackers own fears and kapok. If the perpetrators are caught, pardon him and release him from prison on the condition he claims should clarify the many people that indeed he made it is slander. Ashamed of him and destroyed his own right as well as the offense. We have good and wise as God is Love And Affection, although bad actors do such a thing to us, Embrace and invite him to carry out business cooperation that hostility was positively evolved into a beautiful braided ties.

The last and important, if a lot of people view and respond to us as a rival, do not ever look at another person who was a competitor. That should happen is not competition or competition but rather should complement each other and enhance each other. Sincerely kind to all parties even help them with our capabilities. Always remember, the real winners are the strong man, kind and thoughtful. Hopefully useful and hopefully be a true winner.

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