10 most bizarre Bats

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10 most bizarre Bats
1. Bananas bat

Species exclusive to western Mexico, known for its banana bat snout is very long, the longest of any bat (relative to size). These animals nectarivorous, which means feeding on nectar which is an important pollinators in tropical forest habitat. He got his name because it is often found in banana plantations.

2. Bats Ghosts

Fluffy white bat is found in tropical rain forests from Mexico to Brazil, and also on the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean. It is a solitary animal that spends daytime nesting under palm leaves, and then flying high in the night, hunting moths and other flying insects.

3. Chapin's bat

This bat has a "hair" is strange, and strange odors bats males to attract females during mating season. They eat insects and live in the rainforests of Central Africa.

4. Bat-faced Wrinkles

This fruit-eating species found in Mexico and Central America, where he was known as "viejito Murcielago" ("old man bat") or Murcielago Zopilote ("Bats KONDOR"), because the body is a bit bare and wrinkles. They have large folds of skin that they use as a mask to cover their faces when they sleep.

5. Big-eared bat

These bats eat insects fly fly, like other bats, use echolocation to find their prey. Their large ears give them a much better hearing than the small-eared bat. They have diverse genera and are found in many parts of the world.

6. Bats Anglers

The big bats live in Mexico, Central and South America and mostly eat fish. Using long-clawed feet to grab the fish in the water and then eat through the wings. Relatively smaller than the type of Fishing Lesser Fishing Bat Bat is that food is aquatic insects.

7. Ghost-faced bat

Ghost-faced bats are widely spread in the world, from the United States, south to Peru. They barely nosed, have a strange skin flap loudly in their face and a very prominent forehead which gives them a very strange appearance. They eat nocturnal insects.

8. Sucker Footed Bat

This bat, endemic to Madagascar, initially estimated using a vacuum on the wings and ankle for hanging on palm leaves and other smooth surfaces. However, when it is known that they do not use suction power, but rather adhesion, by producing a sticky substance that acts as a sort of glue-like adhesion found in tree frogs and salamanders.

9. Tube-nosed bat

Found in the rainforests of the Philippines, this bat has a strange face among mammals. Dark ears with specks of yellow, orange eyes and, especially, the nose-like tubes, giving the appearance of his face like a cartoon character. They eat mostly figs and other fruits, but in certain circumstances they also eat insects.

10. Hammer-Headed Bat

Found in the rainforests of Africa, this large bat gets its name because of the shape of his head is too weird, but this is only in the male. Most of the male thorax bat is resonating chamber for allowing them to produce a very loud sound to attract females bat. They eat fruit and sometimes, also eats other animals.

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