10 ways to make healthy and tasty cakes

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10 ways to make healthy and tasty cakes
Cake identical to hoard material more calories because of the sweet flavor in baking, so it slowly started to get people started a little worried to eat cake.

In order to restore a sense appetite for cake, cake is now being developed with a blend of fruits to add flavor to the cake. So it seemed very healthy cake and tasty to eat.

Effect of fruit in the cake also appeared to be practically very powerful to reduce levels in the human body sweet. 

1. Avoid products with high fat content

Indeed, in making cakes, sweet taste that is preferred. But in choosing the materials used you have to know whether the fat content in it is high or not.

2. Nuts

In making the cake too, you should not use too many nuts because it can be dangerous to you who are on a diet.

3. Fruits

Fruit is one substitute for lower fat and sweet cakes. Good fruit is the banana is used as it serves to burn and reduce levels of fat in your body when you eat cake.

4. Use eggs to taste

if you do not want to need a lot of calories in your body, have to use eggs in moderation. You can replace it with peanut butter or peanut fruit. You can also use chicken eggs are widely available in the traditional market. Additionally you can add a little flour to the egg powder that you make the dough can expand.

5. Replace with tofu or coconut milk

Grated coconut you can use any liquid when processed wanted a healthy cake. Due to the sharp aroma, excellent coconut milk is used as a substitute for, or you can use soy milk.

6. Flour

Usually people always choose white flour as the main ingredient in baking, you should start early you have to replace flour with wheat flour. Wheat flour can cut calories in your body.

7. White sugar

The sweet taste is very vital on the cake, if you want to replace it with a healthy diet or sugar replaced with brown due to the effect of causing the sweet taste of chocolate already.

8. Select Cinnamon

To add flavor to the cake, you can use cinnamon or Vanilla as a wealth enhancer texture on the cake.

9. Topping

To make the topping, do you always use the bean is in use nuts as a topping that's good, but you have to know the impact on the body. So use than healthy fruits, fruits also further enhance the results of your home-made cakes.

10. Sweetener

To further enrich the flavor, you can add a little honey. besides healthy, honey can also be as a substitute for sugar, and chocolate. Even in the sweetness of honey was also very good for the circulation in your body.

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