7 Famous Sports in the World

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7 Famous Sports World
Many activities that you can do to make you feel healthier and stronger. Having a healthy body and a strong desire to be one of all the people. Doing regular exercise is a key to getting a healthy body. With regular exercise, your body will be healthier and stronger.

The following 7 Famous Sports World

1. Football

Not in doubt football is the most popular game in the world, which has the greatest fans on the planet and one of them ane gan.Olah this sport originated in China, in a military document mentioned, since 206 BC, during the reign of Tsin Dynasty and Han, people have played a ball game called tsu chu. Tsu has meaning "hit the ball with the foot". While chu, meaning "ball of skin and no content". They play the ball made of animal skins by kicking and led to a net that is spread on two poles.

soccer became a sport in 93 countries - home to two billion people. Implementation of the FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and the most profitable. It also has the largest contingent of diehard fans, players and professional leagues in the world's largest economy, Europe. English Premier League and the Champions League is the most popular football leagues, with matches shown live to half a billion people in 202 countries

2. Badminton

Sports are played with shuttlecock and racquet, may have evolved in ancient Egypt about 2000 years ago, but also mentioned in India and the People's Republic of China. Terdininya ancestors foreseen is a Chinese game, which involves the use of Jianzi anyway but without the racket. Instead, the object manipulated by foot.

And aim to maintain anyway without falling to the ground as long as possible. Interesting facts about badminton is that the fastest smash performed by Simon Archer England, was clocked at more than 160 mph (260 km / h). In Indonesia, badminton is commonly called, is one of the sports that interest you.

3. Tennis

There are various types of games that are played using a racket and tennis nowadays is one of the most preferred games. According to some historical records, In the 11th century a type of game called jeu de Paume, which resembles a tennis game now, has played for the first time in a region in France. Used balls wrapped with fluffy yarn while the bat is hand

The game was then introduced into Italy and England in the 13th century and got a warm welcome in a short time. Apparently in much demand among local people towards this game. Since the development of tennis continues to rise to European countries other to America, Asia, and other continents.

4. Volleyball

Sri Lanka's national sport is a sport that is very popular in virtually every country and among the top six in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, China, India, the Philippines and Poland. Volleyball is also a popular sport in southern India, North America, Eastern Europe and Brazil, enjoying a surge in popularity in schools and colleges

5. Rugby

Rugby is a sport that the way the game is almost as rich American Football gan, but its more minimal safe level of American football, because of fewer security accessories. In view of the level of security, certainly in this sport much leg or his neck broken. The Rugby originated in England in the early 19th century. Rugby has been set by the International Rugby Board since its formation in 1886

6. Baseball

Baseball, America's national sport and is considered a dipuja2 U.S. possessions, it was first played in England, according to the latest findings reveal. Some historians in Surrey, England, managed to confirm that baseball has been played in England even more than 20 years before American independence. Confirmation was obtained from the diary that contains the document matches played in Guildford in 1775, and the diary had been confirmed by the Surrey History Centre. In Indonesia baseball also has a high populiritas.

7. Cricket

Was first recorded cricket played in southern England in the 16th century. At the end of the 18th century, cricket had developed to the point where it has become the national sport of England. The expansion of the British Empire led to cricket being played overseas and by the mid-19th century in the first match played at the International.

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