7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

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1. Jumping Spider Portia Labiata

7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World
This species is a member of the genus Portia spider and definitely the smallest creatures in the list. Also known as the White-whiskered Portia, they inhabit wastelands and secondary forests in Africa, Asia, and Australia. These spiders have demonstrated learning abilities in laboratory tests and the bug has been labeled the smartest in the world. They performed surprisingly well on a variety of problem-solving tasks. One of their principle skills of luring other spiders webs to their food. To do this they will pluck rhythm in the corner of the web to mimic the trapped bug or insect intruders. If Portia has encountered this type of spider before, it will remember what rhythm pattern used to achieve success.

Portia Labiata who have great eye sight and have been seen using extraordinary instinctive behavior. Spiders planned to use trial-and-error approach to hunting and cognitive showed a strong base. When prey comes and goes, the spider will sit and wait for hours to have the right moment to attack. Furthermore, plan ahead and understanding that will eventually eat again. This spider has also shown signs of selective attention by identifying specific objects and prey over others.

2. Rat
7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World
There are hundreds of species of rat in the world. The mouse is one of the most studied and tested the animals on this planet. They have been the subject of research and experiments for various well-known and influential physiological studies. The reason for this is that mice, like humans AOS psychology and they are great for experimental comparisons. All rats learned new behaviors and tricks very easily.

A 2007 study found that mice have metacognition, which is a mental ability previously only been documented in humans and some primates. Mice have a remarkable sense of smell and hearing. They have been trained to detect landmines and bombs. Research and latest technology has been suggested that rats can even smell and identify human sputum samples infected with TB. These magnificent animals solve the maze. Rats are social animals and show signs of remorse, joy, loss, and stress. They dream in a very similar way as humans. They also demonstrate exceptional organizational and technical maintenance. Just remember, mice are intelligent and friendly creatures so do not put fear them. I included this funny rat clip.

3. Dogs Border Collie

7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World
Border Collie is widely regarded as the most intelligent dog breed in the world. They usually spend their time tending sheep and cattle handling various forms, but it also makes a great pet. With physical exercise and various forms of mental stimulation this dog is the fastest to learn. Descendants originated in Scotland, Welsh, and English border and the dogs make an immediate impact on the agricultural industry. It has been established that in certain areas Australian Outback a trained collie will do five times the amount of work that can manage people.

Border Collie dominates dog sports above all breeds. They excel in the high jump, utility courses, fly-ball, and even can take first place in dog dancing competitions. They have an extraordinary sense of smell and is widely regarded as sniffer dogs were great. They can be trained as drug dogs or in search and rescue as well. This dog obviously will recognize you as an individual personality, they will learn your routine, anticipate what will happen next, and find a way to get what they want.

4. North Pacific Giant Octopus

7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World
These creatures lived in the depths of the sea. They are a family owned and cephalopod molluscs class. All types of cephalopods are known to have exceptional intellectual ability. Octopus is considered the most intelligent invertebrate life. In experimental conditions these animals have shown short-and long-term memory. They have an extraordinary observation learning and problem-solving abilities. Octopus nervous system has a very large, but only partially found in their brains. About two-thirds of octopus, neurons ao can be found on the rope around and the arm. There arm has a very large autonomy. They are masters of mimicry and camouflage.

They are professional escape artists and can often be found in the hull crabs, eat the catch. This animal is very keen eyesight, sense of touch, and very fast. There are reports from the North Pacific Giant Octopus reaching 600 pounds, with a range of hands 30 feet. They don, Äôt make a pet or a great zoo attractions. In one recent story, an octopus flooded the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium by turning the valve and let the hundreds of gallons of water to overflow the tank.

5. Green parrots Africa

7 Most Intelligent Animals In The World
is a species of parrot found in West and Central African rain forest. Parrots have long been able to show that they can imitate human speech, but the African Green Parrots can associate words with meaning and form small sentences. This bird communicate with each other through songs, calls, and body language. African Green parrot can easily be trained to have conversations and perform activities. They managed to imitate, create voices and sounds perfect household. One specific example of Alex birds.

Alex can identify more than fifty objects, seven colors, five shapes, and a numeric value to six. He understands the difference between big and small, above and below, and even show emotion understanding by telling handlers "to go away" when becoming bored with testing. Then there is the story of African Grey Parrot in Nagarey, Japan lost by the owner, wounded, and sent to the animal hospital. While in the hospital the bird began talking with a veterinarian stating "I'm Mr. Yosuke Nakamura." She also provides a complete home address to the last number. But the bird was not directly [back to the house, but did not entertain the whole hospital with a song and dance first.

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