7 Power of Human Self

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7 Power of Human Self
In the case of every man apparently saved tremendous power. but the power will not disappear if the man does not know how to remove it. how do I know the power? is there any way to find out?, .. these are just opinions, and how the results of this proof should be carried out more research. The following review is for information only and only for knowledge alone.

Here are 7 Power of the Human Self

1. Power of silence

Silence helps us calm down to clear the mind. He explained that silence helps us to look inward, evaluating all actions, and foster self-determination to improve. He also stressed that the key to success in learning is silence, for in silence we can trace what exactly is the vision and mission of our lives.

2. Life Saving power

Simple living will form ourselves into a more moral man. Do not be dragged into the extravagant lifestyle, for an extravagant lifestyle when we can bury them into piles of debt and rubble.

3. The Power of Creating Planning

With good planning, then we will be able to put a priority well too. Conversely, without proper planning will always make us fail to finish everything we do.

4. Strength Learning

human ability not from inborn, but rather is the result of the learning process is done consistently. Therefore it is recommended that you never stop learning until whenever. While in the process of learning, humility will help us easily absorb the necessary knowledge.

5. Speed ​​Strength

we have to run everything with effective and time efficient. In this much-needed capability to manage time. If necessary, one thing is done together with the team to be more quickly resolved.

6. Strength Imagination

Imagination about the future say more powerful than knowledge. It has also been said by Albert Einstein, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions., Which means that the Imagination is everything. Imagination is towing a future reality."

7. Power of Simplicity

There is no theory or life guidance but simple wisdom of life. Likewise, if we want to produce incredible live performance, do not need to use a complicated theory. Even if the actions or steps that we are doing a simple but if done consistently then we will easily achieve its vision and mission. "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

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