7 Secrets About Dreams

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7 Secrets About Dreams
Dream remains a mystery to this day, when you're dreaming and in the dream you are being chased, so you run a vengeance, and a mystery that you really feel tired you run when you wake up in reality.

Until now it was unclear what the meaning of the dream, no one can interpret dreams with certainty unless the person has been given excess. then what is the secret dream?

Here's 7 Secrets About Dreams

1. When you dream of your body will be paralyzed

Not many people are aware of this it turns out when you're dreaming you akam body is paralyzed but you do not worry this is only temporary paralysis when you realize that your body will return to normal.

2. All people dream

Every human being dreams (except in cases of psychological disorder that great). But women and men have a physical reaction and different dreams. Men tend to dream you know about other men, while women tend to dream you know about women and men.

3. Forget the dream you 90% natural

Once you wake up you're definitely hard to remember the whole dream that you experience even more people  forget what they have dreamed at night.

4. Not everyone with a colorful dream

As many as 12% of people who can see the dream in black and white. The rest had a dream in the original color. Humans also tend to have common themes in dreams that the situation relating to school, being chased, running slowly / in place, experience, fall, late, etc.

5. Blind people dream

Humans who become blind after birth can see images in their dreams. Humans are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams like sound, smell, touch and emotion.

6. Some great inventions first conceived during sleep

Although 90% of us forget our dreams yet know whether you turned the scientists found their ideas in their dreams. Even great scientists get an idea of ​​when they wake up call it Graham Bell and even some poets have received their inspiration from the dream.

7. Preventing dream

Dreams can be prevented, either preventing emotions, prevent sadly, prevents rich and poor and so forth.

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