7 Secrets of Water For Health

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7 Secrets of Water For Health
Water has some useful benefits for health. If seen and felt the white water is nothing special. Bland taste and color is clear. But behind it all contained some of the benefits that have not been known to us all.

 Here 7 Secrets of Water For Health

1. Improve the performance of the body

Water that enters the body will be a useful energy in the body's metabolic processes. Two thirds of our body contains water so it is fitting for us lah maintain fluid balance in the body.

2. remove toxins

Consuming water can help remove toxins from the body through urine. By consuming lots of water every day can help the body remove toxins.

3. Healthy Skin

Daily skin also secretes fluid called sweat. Of sweat that toxins released in the body in addition to urine. By consuming water every day can make your skin healthy and bright.

4. Launched the digestive tract

Adequate water balance in the body can facilitate the digestive tract. Sufficient water in the intestine can launch substances in food that the body processes.

5. Improve brain function

The brain also needs nutrients and fluids. Lack of fluids in the body can affect the performance of the brain.

6. Headache medicine

Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body condition can cause headaches. If the body is in a state of balanced liquid that can prevent headaches that come suddenly.

7. Boost the immune system

Medically water also helps to have efficacy against a variety of diseases. By consuming enough water can boost the immune system.

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