7 Secrets Strengthen Memory

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7 Secrets Strengthen Memory
Memory is identical to the age factor. The more senior the person, the decline of his memory. However, a lot of ways you can do to maximize the ability of our memory.

Here's 7 Secrets Strengthen Memory

1. Gymnastics Brain

Such brain muscles need to be trained on a regular basis. How, for the challenge or guess-tebakkan for yourself that can sharpen memory. For example, mention the title of the old songs, considering the poem as a child, or call the 10 items in the refrigerator.

2. Think

Remember one thing that does not turn up at the head of annoying for sure. When experienced, do not panic. Settle down for a moment, thinking about light things like types of fruits, types of water sports, or the names of friends. Activities that will help a person more quickly given the important things he had forgotten.

3. White Water

Facts indicate that the entire organ function will work well when it gets adequate water intake. No exception brain function. Make a habit of drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day.

4. Relaxed

Pressure or stress makes the brain work weakened and unable to concentrate. In such circumstances, sejek rest while doing relaxing activities such as reading books, playing games online to restore the brain works.

5. Food

Not only fish oil that can sharpen your memory, but also food ingredients such as red and purple blueberry, fruit bits, and red onion. Folic acid rich foods such as broccoli, bananas, and peas are also useful to maintain brain health.

6. Thinking Through Images

This method can be practiced when preparing a shopping list. Note the items to be purchased while imagining myself walking down the halls supermarket and find the desired product.

7. Sport

Perform physical exercise stimulates blood circulation improvements such as jogging, and aerobics. Smooth blood circulation will increase the production of oxygen to the brain which is very useful to sharpen thinking skills.

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