7 Steps to Create a High Body

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7 Steps to Create a High Body
Has the ideal body would have to be everyone's dream. as with height and ideal weight can support your appearance, the ideal body you will look good wearing any clothes. There are several exercises that can be done to maximize height.

Here are 7 Steps to Create a High Body

1. Much higher calcium intake

Calcium is very useful for bone growth, so the consumption of more food / drinks that contain protein and calcium-order, such as milk, because milk contains a lot of content such as protein and calcium complete. More optimal drinking milk before bed because when sleeping on nutrient absorption would be optimal.

2. Sprinting short distances

This exercise increases the release of growth hormone. Emphasis on the leg muscles during exercise affects bone and muscle lengthening. But do not do it too often because it can cause swelling of the muscles and tendons. Sprint is recommended on natural surfaces such as floors or grass, not concrete.

3. Jump

Stand in front of a stool or ladder feet tall. To get started, jump with one leg in a ten count. Then repeat with the other leg. Repeat up to three times the jump. You can rest in between exercises.

4. Swim

This sport is a very effective way to make the body more fit and flexible. Perform breaststroke swimming and do at least 20 minutes.

5. Jump rope

This exercise is very fun, especially if you are listening to upbeat music. Do as much as 300 times per day.

6. Swing

Use a brace or a high threshold. You can buy them at sporting goods stores. Start with standing position and then let the body swing. The position can be straight or bent legs, make the body comfortable as possible. Do this at least 10 times a day.

7. Free Hand

Stand upright in a spacious room and inhale deeply. Put your hands up at shoulder level, then push the hand as far as possible and release the breath. Repeat 8 -10 kali.Tarik breath and re-position the hand. Then, lift your heel while standing on tiptoe, exhale, repeat 80-10 times. Inhale and lift your arms stretched above the head. Then swing into the circumferential direction and exhale. Repeat 80-10 times.

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