7 Steps To Home Healthy and Clean

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7 Steps To Home Healthy and Clean
Having a clean and healthy home is certainly desired by everyone. Many ways to make our homes healthy and clean. Of avoiding harmful chemicals to clean the grass on a regular basis.

Here are 7 Steps To Healthy Homes and Clean

1. Avoid hazardous chemicals

Be careful with volatile organic compounds such as home furnishings with hazardous chemicals VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), for example, paint, foam, carpets can also contain VOCs. Look for products that do not contain any VOCs, low smell, and no carcinogens.

2. Eating organic food

This is a good way to teach the kids how important freshness of food and eating foods that are free of pesticides.

3. Secure the power cord connections

If your home there are many cable connections that are permanent, it can be dangerous. The cables should be temporary and covered in order to avoid a fire hazard. Best move, you should have a subscription and reliable electrical outlets.

4. Clean up your grass from chemicals

If you maintain the grass around the yard should not use chemicals. If rrumput-grass requires fertility or fertilizer use corn gluten meal as an alternative herbicides. For pesticides, better use of Neem Oil or Neem oil can be diluted and sprayed. This includes organic products are safe to eat.

5. Clean your bathroom routine

This is usually done escaped most people are lazy and do it, if frequent cleaning will reduce the risk of condensation and mold growth limit.

6. Get used to clean with a vacuum cleaner

If you keep the cat, usually a lot of cat hair scattered. To clean it up in order to really clean using vacuum cleaner.

7. Get used to clean the room and your home once a week

Room when we are healthy, of course it will make us more comfortable rest, other than that the rooms were clean also can affect our health .. And if the house is clean, then the house would be convenient for us to live.

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