7 Steps to Lose Weight Naturally

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7 Steps to Lose Weight Naturally
1. Take fruits and vegetables Fresh

Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help prevent disease, so do not forget to include in your diet every day. This food can be an ideal complement in each of the five foods that you do all day breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dinner.

2. Cleanliness is important for your health

Do not touch food without washing hands before. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and remember that, after brushing your teeth at night, and you do not need to eat food or drink water instead.

3. Drink enough

It is important to keep the body well hydrated, since more than half is water weight. Therefore, make sure that you receive the necessary input of fluids (at least 5 cups per day). If heat or intense physical activity, should increase fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

4. Maintain a healthy weight for your age

Evita heavier or a little more than it should. To determine the correct weight you must take into account many factors: age, gender, height, constitution, heredity Obesity occurs when your body gets more calories than you expend. Fats give us some of the nutrients that our body needs, but also the most concentrated source of calories. Therefore, if one of you in particular fatty foods, alternate with lighter intake.

5. Eat regularly

Our body needs energy which is available at any time in the same way that needs fuel to move the vehicle. When we woke up, after spending the whole night without eating, our energy level is very low so it should make a good breakfast. During the day, if only for lunch and dinner, your body is also too much at will without any energy input. Seize the mid-morning break to eat something and do not forget the tea in the afternoon.

6. Healthy food Ala

Make your food as healthy food and supporting your body stability

7. Exercise

Try to get some exercise every day. Go up the stairs instead of the elevator, and if you can, go on foot to school. Break is a good time to do physical activity play ball, jump rope.

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