Health Benefits Of Eggs

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Health Benefits Of Eggs
Eggs are one animal foods consumed in addition to meat, fish and milk. Generally eggs are consumed comes from the types of birds, such as chickens, ducks, and geese, but the eggs are smaller like fish eggs sometimes also used as an ingredient in a dish (caviar). In addition it is also consumed eggs too large as an ostrich egg (cassowary) or medium, such as turtle eggs. Most of the chicken egg products intended for consumption people not sterilized, given the laying hens that produce it are not accompanied by a male chicken.

Eggs can also be sterilized ordered and eaten as eggs are not sterilized, with little nutritional difference. Sterilized eggs will not contain an embryo that has developed, as well as the refrigerator to prevent the growth of egg cells in this article is suitable for those who hate eggs, as here discussed some of the benefits of eggs. So expect the haters to love eggs as eggs love.

Health benefits of eggs

Keeping the body shape
Ruxton study also showed that eggs play an important role in maintaining fitness and body shape. Medium sized egg has less than 80 calories so it would be a good alternative breakfast menu if you care about including the size of calories. In fact, in 1979, Margaret Thatcher reportedly lost weight thanks to a brief diet by eating 28 eggs per week.

Protein rich
An egg has 8 grams of protein, nutrients that are very important to keep the skin taut and forming strong muscles. Women need 45 grams of protein a day and men need 55 grams or around 2-3 grains.

Quickly give a sense of satiety
Eat eggs at breakfast helps you lose weight significantly with cutting daily caloric intake. Foods rich in protein makes egg longer to digest in the stomach. For those who like eggs, there are additional reasons why this food worthy to open the menu. Research shows, breakfast menu eggs can reduce weight by 65% ​​and decrease the body mass index to 61%.

Thin the brain
Two eggs which contain 550 milligrams of choline per day during pregnancy will help the development of the fetal brain and produces sharp memory in children. Choline is also important for memory. Other sources of choline include soy beans, chicken and salmon.

Reduce the risk of blindness due to age
Lutein is in eggs help improve eye health and reduce the risk of age-related blindness.

Omega-3 fatty acids
This fat is very important for the development of eye and hearing in children and brain function throughout life. Essential acids also help maintain circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease. Eggs with omega 3 also has less saturated fat.

Prevent Breast Cancer
A study conducted by the university in Europe reveals that sufficient choline consumption can lower the risk of breast cancer.

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