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Intelligence or intelligence interpreted in a variety of dimensions by experts. Donald Stener, a psychologist called intelligence as an ability to apply existing knowledge to solve various problems. Level of intelligence can be measured by the speed of solving these problems.

Intelligence in general can also be interpreted as a level of ability and brain processing speed of a particular form of task or skill. The ability and speed with which the brain called the brain work effectiveness. Potential intelligence or there is some kind of intelligence that can be identified into several major groups, namely:

1. Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

Intelligence is associated with language and everything related to reading and writing activities.

2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Is intelligence in terms of scientific thinking, dealing with numbers and symbols, as well as the ability to connect separate pieces of information.

3. Visual Spatial Intelligence

Intelligence is related to the visual arts such as painting, drawing and sculpting. In addition, the ability of navigation, maps, architects and the ability to imagine objects from different viewpoints.

4. Body Kinesthetic Intelligence

Intelligence is related to the ability to use the body to express feelings or collectively, the body language (body language). This intelligence is associated with a variety of skills such as dancing, sports and driving skills.

5. Rhythm Musical Intelligence

Intelligence is related to the ability to recognize patterns of rhythm, tone and maps to the sounds.

6. Intra-personal intelligence

Intelligence that focuses on self-knowledge, related to reflection, awareness and control of emotions, intuition and spiritual awareness. People who have intra-personal intelligence is high biaasanya thinkers (philosophers), psychiatrist, mystic and spiritual advisor.

7. Interpersonal intelligence

Intelligence-related skills and the ability of individuals to work together, the ability to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. A person with a high level of intrapersonal intelligence is usually able to read the moods, temperaments, motivations and objectives that exist in others. Interpersonal Intelligence private with a high potential usually have a high sense of empathy.

8. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence that includes strength and social skills. A group of mental abilities that help a person to recognize and understand the feelings of others that lead to the ability to regulate feelings yourself.

After learning a variety of potential intelligence, we can improve and create intelligence or intelligence to train the brain through the right means. And according to experts the potential to increase intelligence can occur at any age. Although it is still recognized that genetic factors also play a role to determine the level of intelligence, can not be denied also that proper stimulation was also influential for creating intelligent people. So whatever your age, whatever your profession, identify potential intelligence you have. Wants to look smarter and become more intelligent? Perform proper stimulation of the potential intelligence you have.

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