Lower Blood Pressure with sunbathing

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Lower Blood Pressure with sunbathing
If you include people who often avoid the sun for fear of skin turned black reasons, you should change those attitudes. Exposure to sunlight turns and make healthy longevity. Routine exposure to sunlight is known to help reduce blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. This is evidenced by a research team from the University of Edinburgh on 24 respondents.

In this study the respondents were sitting under tanning lamps that emit ultraviolet light for 2 sessions of 20 minutes each. At one session, respondents were exposed to UV light and heat lamp. On the other sessions being held UV light so responden just feel the heat from the lamp.

The results showed the participants' blood pressure dropped significantly after one hour exposure to UV rays. But the same thing does not occur after exposure to UV stop and just replaced the heat. "This study proves why vitamin D is not able to replace the lack of sunlight," said senior lecturer skin health University of Edinburgh, Dr. Richard Weller.

He added that the benefits of sunlight body exceeds the risk of skin cancer. Because it does not need to bask in the sun. Benefits of sunlight is due to an increase in nitric oxide component of the account after exposure to sunlight. Nitric oxide is known to help lower blood pressure.

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