Success Not For Degree

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Success Not For Degree
To be successful in essence does not require a degree, but this fact is often overlooked so many people their way to success confined to the cognitive domain alone is not embedded on the form of affective and psychomotor domains.

for example in Indonesia, if you have a partner with an S3, S2 S1, S3 is definitely the number one choice is selected by your partner, right. Why is this so? This option is generally targeted at women who want to find and choose their mate. for their title is the main thing in essence if a potential soul mate is a high degree, it automatically any extraordinary income, but they do not realize that the women thought it was directed at the cognitive only, and only within the scope of the left brain.

In fact, if seen, people who are successful are generally not seen from the title that they get, just look at the inventor of the light bulb, inventor of the steam engine and so on, and whether they have a degree S1, S2 or S3? all of the wrong choice. for example, Albert Einstein theory of light inventor character, he only finished primary school only, but see the theory of experiments he has found worldwide and even a credible discipline.

The above statement proves that, a degree is not entirely critical to someone, even in the world of academic degree is part of the search for knowledge, but still, the title is not a determinant of the success of a person to be successful. so for my friends who do not have advanced degrees do not be discouraged, keep the spirit and continue to fight....

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