Trees Can Speak

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Frequency sound that the human ear can be caught very limited around 20 to 20,000 Hertz. Therefore we never know that trees can make a sound. Such as when thirsty, they are supposedly desperate screams. Scientists have recently succeeded in capturing the sound of the trees.

A team of physicists led by France, Philippe Marmottant, from Grenoble University, engklaim that they had made the first recording of a tree that I was gasping for air. Just like people who speak out when they breathe air, trees also make ultrasonic sound popping.

Where the voice on the tree? Trees take water from the soil through their root systems. Efforts to attract water and the humidity of the soil creates air bubbles. "We can track the articulation bubble, and what we found is the majority voice is heard associated with the bubbles," said Marmottant.

The researchers used a sample of dead pine tree wood slices are given a lot of hydrogels. Conditions are made ​​as similar as possible as the tree of life. The gel begins to dry out due to environmental influences. From here the researcher listened to the wood began to bring up the sound. The noise comes from air bubbles that rise and then disappear. This process is called cavitation.

Reportedly, they are now trying to compete with equipment capable of listening to the unique sounds created by nature. When it come true, someday we may be able to capture millions of tears of forests felled by greedy humans.

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