7 Secrets Sleep Facing Right To Health

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7 Secrets Sleep Facing Right To Health
Sleep is a human necessity, a lot of the ways people in the bedroom, but it should be noted that sleep can lead to indiscriminate aches and pains in the body when you wake up. one of the useful and beneficial sleep is sleep facing to the right.

Here's 7 Secrets Sleep Facing Right To Health

1. Time increases the absorption of nutrients

Menigkat bowel movements during sleep. With the right position, then a trip makann who has digested and ready to absorb would be much longer, this is due to the position of the small intestine to the large intestine is below. Goodnight time allowing optimal absorption bias.

2. Reduce the burden of heart

Position a flat bed to the right allows body fluids (blood) distributed evenly and concentrated on the right (bottom). This will cause the burden of blood flow in and out of the lower heart. Impact of this position is the heart rate is slower, the blood pressure will also decrease. This will help promote sleep.

Sleep on your right to make the heart do not hit other organs. This is because the position of the heart is more inclined to be on the left. Bed rest on the left side causing excessive cardiac output, due to blood entering the atrium also caused a lot of the right lung is above. While the right lung to get more blood supply of the left lung.

3. Resting the left brain

Anatomically, the human brain is divided into two parts, the right and left. The right side of the brain is the organ that supplies the left and vice versa. Generally we use the right side of the body organs as the dominant limb in activities such as eating, holding and others. By sleeping on the right position, then the left side of the brain that innervate all organs of activity right side will be out of danger arising from the circulation slows down during sleep / silence. The danger of a blood clot include deposition, fatty, sour leftover oxidation, and increased speed of atherosclerosis or narrowing of blood vessels. So if someone is at risk for a stroke, the risk is that the right hemisphere, with paralysis on the left (non-dominant).

4. Stimulate bowel movements (BAB)

With sleep tilted to the right, filling the sigmoid colon (before the anus) to more quickly, if it is full it will stimulate bowel movement followed by relaxation of the anal muscles so easily pee Big.

5. Resting gastric

Human gastric tube shaped like a comma-shaped with the tip toward the outlet valve facing towards the bottom right colon. If a process was either left the chime expenditure (food that has been digested by the stomach and mixed with stomach acid) will be slightly disturbed, it will slow down the process of gastric emptying. These barriers will ultimately increase the accumulation of acid that will cause erosion of the stomach wall. This position will also cause intestinal alkaline fluid bias back to the entrance to the stomach caused by erosion of the stomach wall near the pylorus.

6. Keeping the respiratory tract

Sleep on preventing the fall of the tongue to the base of which can interfere with the respiratory tract. Sleep on their backs, resulting in airway obstructed by the tongue. Which also lead to someone snoring. People who snore during sleep causes the body lacks oxygen. Can sometimes even result in the cessation of breathing for a few seconds to wake from sleep. People usually will wake up dizzy due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Obviously this is very disturbing quality of sleep.

7. Maintain lung health

The left lung is smaller than the right lung. If you sleep on your right side, the heart will be skewed to the right. This is not an issue because the right lung bigger. Another case when resting on the left, the heart will be pressing the left lung that are small, this certainly is not good.

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