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Vision without a way to implement it like an airplane without wings can not fly. No matter how many resources owned by an enterprise, the development firm's projects is highly dependent on the seriousness implementation projects is. The exact implementation requires a thorough and detailed planning.

That's what happened with The Walt Disney Company. There is no magic wand or magic swing "abrakadabra" which to build Disney's Magic Kingdom.

The cartoons, movies, recreational parks, and plenty of imagination Walt was born through a fair process. The process is still in translating ideas into reality atmosphere. Only by demanding all employees follow standard procedures, the Disney can continue to transform the dream into a tangible product. In Disney's system, no matter who is left dependent on coincidence. The following steps of the process:

Step 1. Penggagasan ideas
In this stage, Ask questions of "what if?" And not "what?" Think for a while to feel the discomfort of your ignorance and the absence will be a full control over a thing. Do not be afraid to dream. In this stage, do not think about obstacles, no matter which is not possible. So, berfantasilah!

Step 2. Concept development
Having obtained ideas, do research to measure the market, the market probably true desire is to be established ideas. Evaluation one by one all the available ideas and recommend ideas that are considered the most prominent, the idea that, according to the research results, very interested or diimpi-dream by the market.

Step 3. Qualification test
Make business analysis. Analysis of what the idea is technically qualified or eligible to apply. Set a budget posts whatever they needed, resources required, and the time allowed. After that, the estimation results will be obtained. Study of all your cost with results that can be obtained. What ideas were eligible to continue?

Step 4. Create a schema
Prepare the overall plan. Sort purpose of the plan, vision, and mission. For the last detail plans, equipment, raw materials, and resources that will be needed. Plan implementation strategy and budget. Set your team and ask the scheme to your team.

Step 5. Prepare all the required documents
Before the start of production (creating ideas), make sure all the necessary documents, especially those related to external parties had everything ready. So when the production process begins, there is no more uncertain in the case of administrative obstacles (sometimes trivial matters related to the administration can be very difficult).

Step 6. Beginning production, test, and make adjustments
Perform production. Results in laboratory trials on your own, then the market will test your viewfinder. Make evaluations. When needed, make changes, adjust with market conditions. Only then, slide to the market.

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