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Almost every person is born with the capacity to be creative, but few are aware of it. These skills are often overlooked or closed. Good managers have a closet full of creative techniques so that when he and his team deadlocked, he would have another source of help.

Being creative is to find new and different ways to solve the problem. You stagnate and start to worry, then you get out of the hustle and bustle of activity and care for your garden, wash something, kite flying, or anything else, and you dissolve in what you do, then the answer will come to the surface.

The most creative techniques will push your brain and start using part inntuitif deeper in your mind. And part of it has a lot of answers that we can not normally access. This section is the part that we can access during sleep, meditation, or by using creative thinking techniques.

Pay attention to what other managers - managers who you admire and respect. They may have a storage closet creative tricks, take a little. Read about creative thinking techniques. Find out what to do, think, tried by a brilliant manager. Ask someone who is not in your field what they would do. Do not be afraid to be weird or eccentric - after all, some of the best ideas come from dreams.

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