Bringing Out the Winner in You

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Bringing Out the Winner in You
To be a winner is the desire of so many people. How do I achieve it? One is the growing passion for climbing to the peak of his career. Passion (passion or lust) will arise if you believe you will achieve the results that delight - whether it's to obtain your dream position, salary increases, the success of the project, and so on. The stronger the shadow of this happy outcome, the stronger the tempestuous passion. Any difficult process to achieve results that would not extinguish desire, except the loss of hope.

If you believe that there is no hope, passion will disappear automatically. Of course this affects the process of achieving career goals. By applying management with passion, every step you swing feels light. If the result was in line with what you dream about, be thankful. If the result is NOT (not NO) in line with expectations, do introspection and fought back. Management with passion will make you excited and always have a positive mind set, which is helpful to focus on the achievement of targets.
So, how best to put out the figure of a passionate winner from within you?

Always Think Positive

Sometimes what you expect and want in the workplace is not consistent with the fact that you received. If you respond in a negative result will certainly add worse. All you have to do is kind thought or positive thinking. Positive thinking will make you do not run out of energy and can be directed to the useless things that are more productive. With positive thinking you can look at things from the bright side, look at what the benefits to be gained from such things to increase your job performance. If there's no bright side, at least you can make it a valuable lesson.

Wake up 'Big Dream'

Nothing is impossible if God Almighty states that it may happen. Starting with a big dream and continued with strong intention, then something that other people might not actually be able to become a reality. This is done by a lot of great people on this earth. They give a very large contribution to world order and they start of a word, the 'dream'. Demi dream magnitude, many successful people who are willing to make changes and take off his ego. The dream was targeted to be achieved. They were trying to make it happen with a strong passion. As expressed by the great scientist Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge".

Build Power On

You often associated with deadlines, targets, and pressing responsibilities that trigger stress. To respond, you should be able to build a life with the power to fill body and soul. Fill your soul with passion and train your body to be flexible with a variety of activities so that you have the skill. Do not make yourself a ball of rock or metal ball that is rigid, hard, rugged, easy crashes and sinks when receiving pressure. Make yourself a ball containing gas blobs passion is strong, flexible and able to move to follow the various forms and conditions encountered in the workplace.

Magic Word

Passion often infected by a virus that was trying to weaken the joints confidence. To deal with the virus, antivirus needed a magic word. Magic word is the words spoken by someone with a strong conviction so as to give the power of suggestion to pronounce. Without realizing it, the words that come out of your mouth can become a reality, because words like spells that can give suggestions to yourself. Use and Instill words that contain elements of goodness, passion, glory, and positive in your life.

Recognize your potential to be a winner:

• Open your own potential and focus on the dimiilki
Realizing that you have a deficiency and not perfect is normal and very human. Similarly, be aware that you have the advantage in many fields. Do it for the improvement and introspection always introspective towards goodness and glory for themselves.

• Arm yourself with knowledge and skills
Once you know the potential you have as well as knowing your purpose in life, soon 'content' yourself with a variety of skills according to your field. Focus on your potential. Arm this potential with other skills to be more honed.

• Always be learning
Knowledge and skills you will someday expire because so many developments and changes that occur. Stay away from the attitude of complacency, especially satisfied studying treasures that can add life. Be personal learner who always thirsty for knowledge adds endless.

• Have a realistic goal
Although we should have a big imagination and dream, but in order for that to happen make realistic goals. Realistic goals needed to avoid a narrow perspective and avoid making decisions based on assumptions and narrow paradigm. In addition to knowing the final destination, you can make effective planning and preparation can be done with a more mature, can predict things that will happen, and may allocate costs.

• Get out of your comfort zone
To realize the great dream you just might not settle in a comfort zone, you have to venture out, even with all the logical consequences that will be accepted. Outside the comfort zone, you certainly will face many challenges. Make a stepping stone (stone ground) is clear and focused. And then he kept running in the stepping stone, evaluate your achievement, so you step in accordance with predetermined targets.

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