Career planning strategies

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Along with business strategies and life strategies, think about your career strategy. Expand opportunities to develop a network of contacts and use the annual assessment to obtain approval on the things you want to do.

Success in life is often influenced by friends, people you know, and co-workers. Lest you lose the contact details, save the address book, preferably electronically. Never assume that an influential person on your career glance will never again be in a handy position for you.

You will find that a group of business and personal contacts you become a source of future change of career or personal challenges. People in sales knows this better than anyone else. They store names and phone numbers of any contacts they make during their working life. Think of networking potential opportunities in this career, and wake up extensive contacts within your company.

- Be a volunteer for tasks that make you known by senior managers. Company newsletters or annual conference is a great example.
- Accept the bid to the Company's employees (secondment) to handle the project.
- You should always know the things you would say to a senior employee who happened to meet with you, for example, chairman in the elevator. Senior people open to new ideas darti various sources, even from junior employees.

The annual assessment is important for your career plan and is a good example of the importance of responsibility for your own career. Assessment forming a continuous record of achievements and progress over the years, so respond with seriously.

Ask yourself about things like:
- What value have you added to your job?
- Where do you want to go?
- What do you need to achieve it?
- Why do you need a manager to support this plan?
- What are the benefits to the organization?

Answering these questions will help you take advantage of these opportunities as well as possible. Have dominion over your career and your manager's impressed with the motivation and determination you. Have a clear idea of ​​the career strategy is much more impressive than receiving any recommended without having its own proposal.

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