Changing jobs or stay afloat

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Changing jobs or stay afloat
Boredom is a completely natural thing to arise when we do the same a repeatedly. Challenges that must be faced by every individual is how to always look for added value in his work, so he could fight the boredom. When individuals successfully provide added value in his work, surely not just boredom are successfully addressed, but self-competence and the quality of his work increased.

Such rapid technological developments, intense business competition, and continuous changes that happen around us should be a reason to constantly upgrade the skills we have. Not a day longer an accounting staff only understand accounting field, without engaging at all and understand the business and HR systems used by the company. Every individual in the organization must develop a spirit of intrapreneurship her. He should always think like a business owner who continually sought to develop an organization / company that had to always be in the forefront in the business, rather than simply as 'an employee' whose monthly salary is waiting he would draw, loose rather than profit / loss is obtained by the company.

If you believe that you have a way to develop competency and contribution to the company, but you are not satisfied with the response given by the company, the option to leave the company can take. Of course taking into account cookings that you have made ​​every effort to do the best that you can, where you do not just give up, but 'have fought to the death'.

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