Combat stress in the workplace

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Combat stress in the workplace
Ladies, have you ever felt the stress that has accumulated since the task? Sometimes thought to escape from the tensions office setting? Moreover, coupled with the weather lately less support. But wait! Sometimes used to think clearly and to remain calm is key to dealing with stress in the workplace. Tried to resist the sense of stress with the following steps:

1. Give pause in between the promises
Always have lag time of about 15 minutes in between each appointment you make. This strategy will not only enrich your day with a time lag, stress-free, but also improve the quality of your meetings.

2. squeezing the ball
Squeeze a rubber ball to help relieve nerve piled on the fingers and hands

3. Peace in a vase
For those of you who do not have allergies, a vase of flowers or plant colorful flowers in pots can connect you with the natural forces.

4. Smell the fragrance
Some scents stimulate the production of chemical compounds in the brain that are soothing, namely serotonin. Perfumery the most effective among them are lavender and kamomile.

5. Decline politely
Know when to refuse additional work or social activities often makes the difference between good work and work excessively.

6. mingle
Social interaction is an inexpensive and fun way to cope with the stress that comes from solitude. To get peace, mingle without expecting anything.

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