Do not envy the rich

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Do not envy the rich
Rather than just contemplating the fate and complain life is not fair, why not learn from their more successful We determine our destination joint-ri, has a personal ambition and take into account how much we prepare to be related to the affairs of the wealthy. We define our own limits and we are the ones who know the readiness of doing things. So, what good is jealous of what others have? Unless, you know their agenda before and now. Or, find out how much they were ready they are working on. Or know what they are ready to sacrifice.

Of course you can feel jealous of people who get rich quickly - like winning the lottery, an inheritance, or married to (or divorced from) the rich. However, the money earned from the sweat itself is take care of people who got it early. They had working on it. They have an idea or entrepreneurial spirit. They get up early, sleep over night, fueled and driven by what they want to accomplish. So, do not envy them any good; learn from them much more useful.

Learning from them is the greatest gift they can give to us. Ideally, you need a financial mentor. Someone that you make reference, which has generated a lot of money in a good way - legally, fun, and well that will give you an extra tip, protecting, and directing to the right path. And refuse to lend you money, of course, because that's not what you asked for.

If I met someone who was very rich, I was trying to figure out how he did it and whether the route would be suitable for me. What information can I collect to help me reach that position, keeping in mind that I only want to do it right: legally and fun?

I think if we had 90 percent understand these rules, means the closer we get to the wealth with capital only sympathetic magic: do as they do and you will become like them. Take advantage of other people as a source of inspiration. After all, is not characteristic of a jealous Rules.

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