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Manuel recently gave a presentation in front of the Board of Directors at work, to seek authorization for a new project. He was very nervous - they are important people and he was very concerned about the thought of how they react. He had lost the direction of the conversation several times in presentations and have difficulty in explaining the key ideas. What's worse, the people do not quite understand what he was saying.

After the presentation, manager Manuel enroll in training classes and stress management presentations. Manuel's next presentation is much better.

Work performance can indeed be decreased due to stress. In the case of Manuel, the importance of the event and a variety of heavy questions of the people are very pressing Manuel, to impair performance. Anxiety and worries Manuel also disturb the presentation. And, every time he makes a mistake, he becomes more disturbed. Fortunately, the training undertaken have made Manuel feel more confident. By learning relaxation techniques, he is unwilling to relieve nervousness and focus in the next presentas.

According worklife: Controlling Stress (ESSENCE, 2009), in a variety of employment situations, we respond in the face of stress can lead to deteriorating performance. Stress can make us respond to various situations aggressively. The best tactic is to use a sensitive approach, controlled, rational, and calm. Things like this are usually taught in a stress management class. Even so, the pressures and demands that cause stress may have a positive impact, you know! For example, an athlete's body flooded with adrenaline "Confront or Avoid" (see previous article: "Two Mechanisms of Human Experience in Dealing with Stress") to empower an explosive performance. Deadlines, pressures important presentations, and so forth may actually be encouraging people who are not motivated to act.

In order for your work performance over slick again, it could not hurt to try stress management classes. That way, instead of being 'ruined' due to stress, you can actually stress your process to be driving your performance.

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