How to Remove Sleepiness While Working

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How to Remove Sleepiness While Working
The main causes of sleepiness at work is a condition of the body that does not fit. Maybe you're not feeling well or are too tired, because it was many days late or no responsibilities outside of work that takes effort and time you rest. Besides, maybe you stayed up late last night having partied until dawn in celebration of the birthday of a friend. In fact, you can be attacked by sleepiness after lunch.

Whatever the cause, no one wants to look lazy in the eyes of superiors and co-workers. Well, the following tips may help you get rid of sleepiness that, at least until my breaks or after work hours.

1. Take advantage of bright light. Confronted you face the blinding light, more efficacious if it was the sun. Your body clock will work better if exposed to bright light. Better yet if you can get out of the office and "sun" for 1 minute facing the sun or sky.

2. Rinse face with cold water. Water touching the face and cold sensation that surprises will set you back awake. Do not forget to water the front and back of your neck and ears.

3. Avoid greasy foods or glut. When your breakfast and lunch, avoid fast food, fatty foods, and high carbohydrate. All that will make you sleepy while working.

4. Drinking coffee. Caffeine contained in it is famous elixir to banish sleepiness. However, those of you who have certain health problems should avoid this one.

5. Vitamin drink. If you already know that the condition of your body is not fit, the consumption of a vitamin or energy drink. But, keep in mind that this should not be done continuously for days.

6. Listen to Music. This way one can be said to be the most safe and enjoyable. Select the rhythmic stomping music and fast, or that makes you want to shake the body. But, beware, who knows the client or employer calls you.

7. A walk around the office. Take advantage of this opportunity to take care of something with a co-worker or another department in a different room. Done on foot and do not hesitate to use the stairs instead of the elevator. Thus, the muscles and the heart you will work your body to heat up, and banish drowsiness.

8. Talk to someone. Talking with someone makes your brain think and digest. In addition, the brains behind you will be in use when you perform movements that are not realized when talking. You can discuss with co-workers or your boss, as long as it does not interfere with their activities.

However, you need to remember that the ideal sleep time is at night, for 7-8 hours. Exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, drink plenty of water, and control your stress. As much as possible not to be used to stay up all night, taking sleeping pills, too much caffeine, drinking excessive alcohol, or other unhealthy lifestyle.

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