Human Resources in Indonesia

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Long before we enter the year 2000, the plenary session XI OIEC  four values ​​that need to be emphasized in welcoming the year 2000. The four universal values ​​is respect for others, creativity, solidarity, responsibility and spirituality (Dick Hartoko, 1985:50). if suggestion that we refleksi back at this point, it seems fitting that concerns many parties going on at the time, namely that the world will be hit by the global moral degradation when the universal values ​​as mentioned above still does not get more attention.

In connection with the humanitarian conditions in Indonesia we know that the economic crisis and politic which has more than three this year, causing various problems. Problems deepened and the need to receive treatment quickly is a matter of moral decline of human resources. Many cases are the evidences of human morality Indonesia will decline only misalanya rapes, rampant drug use, murder, amok time and much more.

Indonesia issues of human decadence that is becoming increasingly visible ironic when we are heavily- plan for improving the quality of human resources in order to face globalisation era.  quality of human resources is the key to our ability to face the globalisation era because if it does not have the human resources that are reliable we would not compete in their own country when the human resources of foreign countries free entry into our country. Then we can see how the rise of various institutions and universities vying quality of its human resources.

Proved that we did not have the quality of human resources as human resources we fail to address the economic crisis, political, till almost resulted in the nation's moral crisis. If the problem is not solved soon decline, slowly-slowly this nation fall to ruin it more severe. For it must needs be immediately sought a way of solving structured, effective and appropriate. Thus, in a relatively short time we were able to restore the moral quality of human resources in normal conditions.

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