Indeed honest Painful

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Indeed honest Painful
Currently a lot of the lies that have dominated headlines. an action lies behaviors and attitudes that reject the principle of honesty.

Ever happened to one of the students currently submit the thesis on the faculty mentor. repair after repair has she been through until the end result a sign of approval signed by the lecturer's thesis.

And the surprising thing is that faculty approval is final approval or outcomes, but students are honest and said "sir .., thesis proposal still", to hear the professor to change the provisions of the thesis proposal is a result, and this means the student was still under repair next.

Once completed arise profound regret at the students had, just imagine where it should be yet finished his thesis finished. The students really mad at himself and said, "why do I have to be honest, if it was not honest finished my thesis", while banging his apologetic signs are accompanied by emotion.

Regret at the honesty of students was constantly being ghost that continues to scare him until he pondered and thought about what he was doing.

And the final point he argues that "honesty is indeed painful, but I believe, in the honesty behind the great wisdom contained therein is no single point of light that would be obtained remarkable if we're honest, that's him, mercy and salvation of the world .. hereafter ".

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